Our Story

 Hi! My name is Brittany Chibe and I'm the founder of Paleo Scavenger. I started PS in June 2014 with the mission to share my tasty, paleo granola with the world. I started eating a Paleo diet in 2013 while training for a half marathon, and my diet quickly turned into a new lifestyle. It became difficult to find snacks that fit within the parameters of the paleo diet. It was as if I was on a constant scavenger hunt at the grocery store searching for paleo-friendly snacks. Instead of searching for the perfect snack, I started making my own. I have always had a passion for baking, so I made paleo granola and carried it with me for a quick on-the-go treat. After sharing it with family, friends and other paleo foodies, I was encouraged to package and sell it. I took my product to local gyms and farmers markets to sample and sell the product and got instant customer validation. People loved it! And would pay for it! After determining there was a real market for my product, I left the corporate world behind to work on Paleo Scavenger full time. I feel so lucky and honored to be doing what I love and making products that people truly enjoy and feel good about eating.