Living Learning Eating Product Review

Danai of Living Learning Eating found our paleo granola on Instagram and reached out wanting to do a product review. I love when bloggers find our products and are intrigued to get their hands on it! Danai is a healthy lifestyle blogger in Boston, and has even written a children's book! She's a cool chick and I could be happier that she shared our paleo granola with her readers. 

My favorite quote from Danai's review is:

Healthy fats are so important for healthy skin and hair! Paleo Scavenger granolas are a much better choice than many other commercial granolas, which can often be packed with processed sugars and sometimes even trans fats. I would much rather have a breakfast or snack that keeps my skin soft and glowing and my hair shiny and healthy!

Read Danai's full review here.

Living Learning Eating Paleo Granola

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