I recently met Catherine, writer for CFN Daily: Classy Features and News, and after sharing my story and reasons for starting Paleo Scavenger with her, she asked me to do an interview for her column, Classy Lady. After learning more about CFN Daily and their mission to empower and celebrate women, I gladly accepted. 

From all things paleo, to tech startups, to volunteer work, my favorite part of the interview was being able to share how I'm able to stay positive and overcome challenges:

Brittany exudes happiness, kindness, and an incredible drive. She credits the people around her that give her energy and encourage her success. “I tend to feed off of other people’s energy, and there’s nothing worse than being around negativity. It’s important to keep a close group of supportive people around you to help get you through the bad days. When I’m having a rough day, these are the people that I call on to talk through the day’s challenges and get back on track.”

To read the full article, visit CFN Daily.

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